SAGE Business Advisors works with entrepreneurs to cultivate and grow successful businesses by filling resource gaps in...
  • Personnel and Skill-set
  • Strategy and Direction
  • Execution and Implementation
  • Finance and Capital
Whether your business is looking to launch a new product, position itself for investment, or completely overhaul the business strategy, we provide experience and resources to help you achieve your unique next level of success.

About SAGE Business Advisors

The SAGE team has a combined 40-plus years working in and with entrepreneurial enterprises. We understand entrepreneurs. We’ve been there. We know how difficult it is to run a successful business when key components are missing and the day-to-day business of just running the business commands all of your attention. We know what its like to realize that you’re missing certain resources or expertise but don’t know where to turn. Our experience in facing these same challenges provides a fresh perspective to help you achieve your goals and grow your business' value.

Our Team

M. Andrew Forsdick
Andrew combines the discipline and background of accounting with creative strategic thinking and has spent the bulk of his career fulfilling the senior finance role in several companies. For over 10 years he's worked primarily with early stage and start up companies and served many of these as an outsourced CFO. More recently, he has served as the CEO of a portfolio company, while also providing guidance and direction to a number of entrepreneurs and businesses in the region.
Brad Trotter
Brad has worked in start-up and entrepreneurial businesses his entire career, beginning with a small start-up that over 10 years grew to have an international footprint. He was part of a team that launched a successful start-up in NYC where he led both operations and business development. Brad has spent the past 10 years advising early stage and start-up companies primarily in the areas of marketing, strategy, and business development, with the majority of that time serving as CEO of a portfolio company.
JT Novarese
JT began his career by working his way in to management of an already successful family business, significantly growing that business, and then engineering a successful exit of the company. He’s spent the last 10+ years working with early stage and start-up companies primarily assisting in operations, business development and strategy development. JT has helped engineer the sale of several business, has personally owned and sold businesses, and has also served as the CEO of a portfolio company.

SAGE Resources

Personnel and Skill-set

Our seasoned team has expertise in marketing, operations, finance, business development and sales. We’ve been CEOs, COOs, CMOs, and CFOs. Early stage companies and mature businesses experiencing change often struggle because the management team is forced to wear too many hats and can’t afford to hire high-level executives. We provide the extra bandwidth and help fill these voids in experience and skill-set with an affordable team approach that allows a business to realize its potential and grow its value.

Strategy and Direction

For early stage companies we can help by serving as an extension of the founding team. For mature companies we’re your trusted partner. In either case we help with business planning, financial modeling, business development, resource assessment, training, recruiting and any other area where the company needs to define and set its strategic direction.

Execution and Implementation

A plan is only as good as the effort behind its execution. Not only does this require developing actionable goals and objectives, it also means creating mechanisms to ensure accountability along the way. But we’re not here to just build the plan — whether its day to day project management or making sales calls, we dig in and help get the work done.

Finance and Capital

Continuity of capital is critical to the continued development and growth of a company. We help assess the need for capital for both early stage and mature companies and have relationships with Angels and Institutions that can bring new investment capital to the table. We also manage SAGE Fund I which is a venture fund that invests in early stage companies in a wide range of industries, and in some cases our fund will participate with other investors in companies that we work with.

The Fund

SAGE Business Advisor’s investment fund, SAGE Fund I, is a Memphis-based venture fund focused on early stage companies in a wide range of industries. Our primary focus is the Mid-South region, however we are always interested in U.S. opportunities with a strong story and management team regardless of geographical location.

Our Portfolio

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